Thursday, July 11, 2019

You Can Go Home Again

I kicked off the tour for my latest book, Ocean of Storms, last night in my hometown of Port Clinton, Ohio. A great group, including several of my PCHS Class of ‘80 classmates, came out to the Ida Rupp Public Library for an hour of reading, humor and discussion.

The first story in the book, The Age of Rockets, is set in a factionalized version of Port Clinton on the night of July 4th, 1969. On that night a tremendous storm, an inland hurricane actually, struck the eastern Great Lakes, causing massive damage. The story, which I read two passages from, takes that real life event and runs with it. 

I also read a chapter from my previous book, Ben and the Art of Lawnmower Maintenance, my nonfiction semi-memoir which contains several anecdotes about the area and my upbringing there.
Just a great night all around.

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